MARNYS ® has been working day by day over 50 years under the principles of quality, control, safety and innovation, in order to offer our customers top-quality products and processes.

The quality control of raw materials, formulations on design on processes and finished products is essential. Highly qualified professionals and experts apply state-of-the-art technologies to perform specific analysis and tests throughout the productive process.

The quality is assured through individualized inspections. We have our own technologically-advanced quality control laboratory that allows MARNYS ® staff to perform a quick quality control. Currently, our laboratory is accredited according to the Spanish standards (Spanish Ministry of Health).

Safety is one of the main values for our company, countless measurements assure the selection of the ingredients, and the monitoring of these during the manufacturing and finishing process prevents any possible flaws or contamination.

MARNYS ® team includes biochemists, pharmacists, nutritionist and experts on food technology we are aware of the latest advances at a scientific and nutritional level. The dosage present in the products is based on evidence-based and published information as well as clinical studies.

MARNYS ® products are manufactured according to the Code of Good manufacture practice and assessed in order to meet the strict current specification. Year after year MARTINEZ NIETO S.A. increases the investment on quality above the average in the sector in order to improve the products.